A Sleepy Sea Day – But PALO!

A Sleepy Sea Day – But PALO!

I woke up this morning to realize it was 9:30 (3:30 a.m. at home for those keeping track)! I wanted to go back to sleep but realized my day would soon be gone if I did.

Yesterday I downloaded the free 50mb package for the internet, but it was still on after I signed off. The guys had the same problem. I visited the Connect At Sea desk and was told the sign on was hung up in the computer. He reset my package, but I had the same problem all day. I wanted to buy a package to upload pics for my blog, but I worried it would run out without me even using it!

After breakfast, I attended the lecture on Newcastle and Kirkwall in the Walt Disney Theater. Then I met the guys in the Promenade Lounge for The Feud. One of our answers to a question was mow the lawn. Apparently, this did not equate with our Brazilian friend running the computer, as cut the grass was an answer, but we got buzzed!

We had lunch at Lumiere’s. However, afterward, I needed a nap. This time change is still kicking me! Tonight was a formal night, but I hate taking formal clothes. Instead, I always book dinner at the adult-exclusive restaurant, Palo. We had the first reservation at 6:00 p.m. and Neilson was our server.

Palo Lobby
Palo Entry

The Palo menu was updated since we last dined there on the Fantasy last June. My favorites were still there, though. Josh was fascinated with the open kitchen. Neilson saw his interest and had Chef Matteo come out to say hi. Later the Chef came back and offered to introduce Josh to the staff and show how the kitchen works. Two thumbs up for Chef Matteo! Dinner was superb – I cannot say enough good things about Palo.

End of dinner photo - Keith had just left
End of dinner photo – Keith had just left

My sleepy day, combined with too much good food, meant it was time to get in a two-mile walk. I changed clothes and popped down to Deck 4. After a mostly cloudy day, the sun was shining. It was cool, with a breeze, but perfect for my walk. Many people were out taking photos in their formal attire. They closed half of Deck 4 for cleaning, so I just walked back and forth in the open section.

Out for my walk
Out for my walk

Josh and I went to Team Trivia and the adult-only show in Fathoms. Tonight’s show was again Max Winfrey, who was very entertaining. His mother is on board, which has to be great fun for her to see him featured.

The seas today have been a little choppy (average 8 foot), with a lot of rocking and creaking at times. I heard several people mention they were taking sea sickness medication. Tomorrow we are off to our first port of call in Newcastle, England!

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