Fjords, Yachts and Royalty

Fjords, Yachts and Royalty

We set an alarm for this morning so that we could do a little shopping before our excursion. The Cruise Director announced that the King and Queen of Norway were celebrating their 25th year and were in town today. They had arrived on their royal yacht. Since they were expecting congestion due to celebration activities, they extended our port time to 7:00 p.m.

Royal Yacht
Royal Yacht

We had breakfast at Lumiere’s followed by a quick shopping trip off the ship. There were several touristy shops right at the port, with other available shops just up the street.

At 11:15 we met for our Lysefjord Cruise excursion. This included a HUGE group of people, probably the largest excursion I have ever been a part of. The crowd was mostly families, with many small children. The walk to the boat was only about 5 minutes. We grabbed one of the last available window seats. We had a good view of the scenery along with quick access to the back deck. After about an hour and half, we stopped for traditional Norwegian waffles which were delicious. Coffee was available on the table, or you could go to the main table for hot tea.  Hot cocoa was available but never made it to our room. Another half hour back and we spent a lazy afternoon on the ship.

Our boat for the Fjords Cruise.




Houses in the Fjords. Most people here own boats for transportation to the other islands to work.

The boys went to figure out the Anna’s Chocolate Chase Clues. However, we apparently had to do them day by day as the first day’s clues were gone. Fortunately, we got the chocolate anyway!

The boys decided to go to the movies while I updated my blog posts and worked on some photos. Dinner tonight is at Animator’s Palette. The guys are excited to draw for the Animation Magic show. This show allows you to create a drawing that is later animated into a show at the end of dinner. It is one of the best dining room experiences on Disney Cruise Line.

After dinner, the boys went to Shuffleboard while I went to Ice Breakers and the adult Taylor Mason show in Fathoms. He is always entertaining, though his show is mostly the same. He did not have a feature night on this cruise but is doing smaller sessions on Tuesday afternoon.

Off to bed, one last sea day!

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